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Brimstone Productions "Charade" set to premiere in three cities across Ghana!

It's finally happening. Brimstone Production's much anticipated movie, CHARADE (aka DO ME I DO YOU), is coming to screens across Ghana this September. The romantic comedy tells the story of a young couple trapped in an arranged marriage, and features top Ghanaian actors including Jackie Appiah, Roselyn Ngissah and comedian ‘Kalybos’.

Jackie Appiah and Kalybos as leads in the movie CHARADE.
Jackie Appiah and Kalybos as leads in the movie CHARADE.

The movie was shot within 7 days and directed by celebrity Ghanaian filmmaker Kobi Rana. The producer and screenwriter of the movie Anita Tetteh is a 2017 product of the National Film and Television Institute.

In an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications in July 2022, producer and screenwriter Anita Tetteh revealed that the focus of the movie is to highlight the problem of forced marriages in the society; as well as offer possible solutions to them. She said that her motivation to produce the movie came from her observation of the silent cry for true happiness from couples entangled in such marriages. According to her, ‘Charade’ will educate as well as entertain.

Producer and screenwriter of CHARADE, Anita Tetteh
Producer and screenwriter of CHARADE, Anita Tetteh

“I read a lot and I also hear a lot of stories about people who pretend to be a committed married couple in public, but live totally separate lives when at home. This is happening in Ghana; some people hide it and some don’t. So, I wondered why can’t people be honest to themselves in order to be happy? Then, I realized that it’s the pressure and demands from the society. So, I wanted to write about it to see if people can relate to it and maybe, I can also offer possible solutions”, she explained.

Anita Tetteh added that she hoped the movie ‘Charade’ would impact society positively. She therefore, mentioned things she hoped would change. “I wish parents wouldn’t force their children into marriages, and young people also wouldn’t give into the pressure of getting married from society; especially when they are growing older. And, those who are already in such a marriage, I wish they would try to find better solutions to this than pretending in public. They can also watch this film and see how the characters solved this problem and maybe it can also work for them”, she said.

Read the original article by Jerry Wonder here.

‘Charade’ is scheduled to premiere on September 11, 2021 in Accra, Tema and Kokrobite. Time is 6pm, 8pm and 10pm. Grab your ticket now for just GHC30 by hitting up Brimstone Productions on Instagram.

You can watch the trailer here:

Charade is proudly distributed by The World Stage Distribution.


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