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Birthed in Africa,

for the Global stage!

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The World Stage (TWS) Distribution is a content distribution company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Founded in 2020, we specialize in the worldwide marketing and distribution of local and international film, television, and digital content.
Our expansive catalogue of feature films spans from cinema hits, to Nollywood classics. Our short films showcase the best upcoming creators in Africa. Our documentaries and series tell riveting stories of our shared humanity that are more than skin-deep.

Our Vision

To build a global distribution business that creates real value for content creators and service providers, and strengthens our local industry for growth and sustainability.

Our Mission

To grant content owners access to new markets and champion the legal exploitation of their content, while partnering with service providers to give global audiences a fresh look at the modern day African experience.

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Our Logo

Our logo is The Kettledrum.


It is so called because we see ourselves as a marching band, championing the recognition and widespread consumption of African content across the globe.


As a company, we understand that there’s a need for dependable content distribution structures in Africa.
Our ultimate goal is to meet this need with integrity, excellence and innovation.

Our Leadership

Many hands keep the wheel turning, but these are the captains of the ship. With a combined experience of 42 years, a burning passion for the African film industry, and an unwavering commitment to see it realise its potential, our executive management team is one you definitely want to know and do business with.

Anita Edwards
Anita Edwards

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Helene Chike
Helene Chike

Head of Operations

Joan Greg
Joan Greg

Company Secretary

Our Leadership
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