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Kofi Kyei's '95 is now available to watch on all Air France flights.

We've got great news TWS family! The beautiful masterpiece that is '95 is now available to watch on all Air France flights worldwide. Written and directed by Ghanaian nurse turned filmmaker, Kofi Kyei, the film tells the story of a young boy who struggles to cope with the sudden death of his brother.

Adjetey Anang in '95

Released in 2019, the film stars award-winning Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang, who previously collaborated with Kyei on his 2018 feature, Beautiful Mind. The movie also stars Fiifi Coleman, Grace Nortey, Peter Ritchie, Kelvin Sarfo, and Awudu Adamu Zaaki, and was selected for 6 international film festivals less than a year following its release.

Kofi Kyei

Speaking on the inspiration for the movie, Kyei said: “My inspiration for the film came when a 15-year-old girl spoke about how she and her colleagues had never played Ampe before. It then hit me, the world is changing and there might come a time when some of the games and things we used to enjoy as children in the ’90s would be obsolete. So I decided to write a story about the things we used to do and enjoy when were kids but no longer exist. Something to bring back the nostalgia and the joy of old.”

Shot on the theme of the mid-90s, the movie producer had a hideous task of eliminating elements of modern advanced technology to get an accurate setting.

He said in an interview, “Shooting this film was a hell of a big task but fortunately we got an entire community that suited the theme of our film and with the backing of the local chief, we were welcomed into the community to shoot, and the rest is history. The next biggest challenge was working with children. They lose concentration easily, making it very hard to have free-flowing performance. But with patience and the backing of a great team, we were able to get the best out of them.”

And the hard work clearly paid off.

Ghanaian actor and cast member, Peter Richie

In an exclusive interview with Shine Publications in Accra, Ghanaian actor and cast member Peter Ritchie praised the film for its originality and true depiction of some issues in the Ghanaian society. He explained why he agreed to be part of this movie: “I joined the cast of 95 mainly because of the confidence and trust I have in the director of the movie, so when I received the call to participate, I immediately agreed even though my scenes were very few in the movie. After watching one of his earlier movies, ‘Beautiful Mind’, I said to myself that if such a person wishes to add his quota to our industry then why shouldn’t I support him? I even went to the extent of totally shaving my beard in order to depict my character in the film”, he said.

'95 is now available to watch on all Air France flights, proudly brought to you by The World Stage Distribution.

Watch the trailer here:


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