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Cameroon Film Industry's Producers Guild Map Action Plan for 2022 at Annual General Meeting

Film producers, under the umbrella of the Producers Guild of the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI), have mapped out a plan of action for the year 2022 to achieve a more lucrative and sustainable film industry. This was the focus of a meeting that brought together different stake-holders in the film industry. It took place in Limbe of the South West region of Cameroon over the weekend. The meeting had as theme, "Paving the Way Forward for a More Lucrative Film Industry".

Members of the association pose for a photo at the AGM.
Members of the association pose for a photo at the AGM.

Prince Wa'a Nkeng Musi, President of Producers Guild Cameroon, explained that the goal is, "to work out strategies for filmmakers or producers to be successful in filmmaking with a better return in investment". "We want to see this come true for all filmmakers and members of the Producer's Guild," Wa'a Musi explained. He added that "my team and I will continue providing support and a better leverage for filmmakers

and actors to gain the much desired visibility and marketing opportunities for their films the world over."

Producers Guild of Cameroon President, Wa'a Nkeng Musi, chairing the meeting.
President, Wa'a Nkeng Musi, chairing the meeting.

Prince Wa'a Nkeng Musi, acknowledged that, like any other sector that has been affected by the Anglophone crisis, the film industry isn't left out. "Film producers and crew can't access desired localities for movie shoots and some in the film industry have been forced to migrate out of their comfort zones and are barely surviving. It is on this basis, amongst others, that Producer's Guild Cameroon drew inspiration for the theme of the meeting. We also have our expected outcome being put in place with ways to keep the industry more sustainable," Musi intimated.

Amongst other things the Producers Guild Cameroon hopes to, within 2022, resolve internal problems, giving more visibility to the guild online and offline, sourcing for more financial avenues for marketing of films of members, support members on self-organised events, accessing more festivals and film-marts.

TWS Distribution's CEO Anita Edwards, who joined the event via zoom.
TWS Distribution's CEO Anita Edwards, who joined the event via zoom for a special presentation.

Also in attendance were The World Stage Distribution's Chief Executive Officer, Anita Edwards, and Head of Operations, Helene Chike, who joined via zoom for a special presentation. During this presentation, Anita Edwards hammered the importance of working distribution structures in local film industries across the African continent and shared how TWS Distribution is stepping up to fill that gap. Edwards explained, "Filmmaking is a delicate balance between art and business, and any industry that seeks to be sustainable must stand firmly on both legs." She also added, "At the end of the day, producers want to make money from their craft. That's where TWS Distribution comes in."

After entertaining questions, Edwards thanked President Wa'a Musi for the privilege to address members of the guild, and added that she looks forward to what she hopes would be the start of a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship between the guild and TWS Distribution.

Producer's Guild of Cameroon has been in existence since 2008.

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